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Artist Media Description
Jane Baldridge
Profile   Website
Digitally Created or Enhanced, Mixed Media"Stories" expressed through digitally enhanced collages. "One of a kind" Gicleť original prints.
Bernadette Cali
Profile   Website
Acrylics, WatercolorWatercolors of local rural settings and large Acrylics done in a loose watercolor style.
Eileen K. Crowe
Profile   Website
OilsLandscapes and other subjects in oils.
Wendy Gauntlett-Shaw
Profile   Website
OilsPlein-aire landscapes and the Relevant Women global project
Victor Gerloven
Profile   Website
Mixed Media, Acrylics, Oils, Pen, Pencil, Ink, Watercolor, PastelsAbstracts, figure drawing/painting and colorful landscapes in oils, watermedia, mixed mediam, charcoal and collage.
Vae Hamilton
Profile   Website
Watercolor, AcrylicsAbstract Art in Watercolor and Acrylic on paper, canvas and masonite.
Joanna Hancock
Profile   Website
Pastels, Watercolor, Oils, AcrylicsWatercolors, pastels, oils and acrylics - primarily representational with some abstract.
Patton Hunter
Profile   Website
WatercolorWatercolor and acrylic done in loose representational and bold abstract style: figure, floral and landscape, still life and abstracts.
A.J. Isbister
Profile   Website
Acrylics, Mixed Media Native Surrealism in Acrylic on canvas and paper, sometimes using sand as an undercoating.
Richard Kessler
Profile   Website
Pen, Pencil, InkFigures and Fantasy in Pointillism.
Shirley Maier
Profile   Website
OilsContemporary Oils and Mixed Media.
Kathleen McGee
Profile   Website
WatercolorTransparent Watercolor with Tropical and Southwest themes. Landscapes, Florals and Abstracts.
Ginger Mohlie
Profile   Website
Acrylics, OilsFine Art and Murals
Jayne M. Morgan
Profile   Website
WatercolorTransparent Watercolors focusing on Florida landscapes, wildlife and florals.
Elaina Nielsen
Profile   Website
OilsExpressions in oils of my search for who I am and what I'm doing here.
Becky O'Neal
Profile   Website
Pastels, Watercolor, Pen, Pencil, Ink, AcrylicsA variety of subjects in various media with special focus on dancers in acrylics on canvas.
Bren Quiett Reisch
Profile   Website
Acrylics, Mixed Media, WatercolorMixed Water Media paintings including ink & gouache. Abstract collages from rice papers.
Lynda Sappington
Profile   Website
Other Fine Arts-3D, SculptureEquine Art in Sculpture: bronze, cold-cast porcelain, hand-cast paper, resins, and jewelry with an equine theme.
Julie Sauer
Profile   Website
JewelryNatural Artisan Jewelry
Diane Smith
Profile   Website
WatercolorWatercolors: Flowers, Still Life Figures and Landscape in a loose style
Greta Swaim
Profile   Website
AcrylicsAbstract and non Object Linear Expressionist, using line as the main element
Carolyn Texera
Profile   Website
OilsFigures, Landscapes and Still Life in Oils with emphasis on the exploration of color.
Ortrud Tyler
Profile   Website
Watercolor, Mixed Media, Acrylics, Clay, Ceramics, PotteryWatermedia: Abstract/Colorfield, Clay Pottery, Watercolor Coastal Scenes.
Cris Weatherby
Profile   Website
Oils, WatercolorWatercolors and Oils that display a deep love of color, light and the beauty in ordinary elements of everyday life.
Anna West
Profile   Website
Pen, Pencil, Ink, Mixed Media, OilsOil Paintings and snow/ice paintings.
Jeanne Wolf
Profile   Website
Acrylics Gyotaku, Acrylic on Canvas. A potpourri of subject and style.

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