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Julie Sauer
Cardiff, CA


Website: www.jewelrybyjulies.com
Jewelry by Julie Sauer
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"Whatever your spiritual belief, go to the source and find that bubbling spring of joy and life"

My jewelry designs are inspired by nature's beauty. I use gems from all over the world of many types and colors to express art. In college I majored in art and later science. I have always been fascinated with the gift of light and natural beauty available for use in form and in our own interpretation of what we see. I have enjoyed designing and fabricating stained glass windows,  ceramics, painting in acrylics and oil, clay sculptures and for the last six years I have concentrated on jewelry designs. I hope to bring joy to all that see my art and wear my jewelry.

For the last 30 years, Julie and her husband have lived in the small coastal town of Cardiff-by-the-Sea, California where she has her studio.

At an early age, Julie began to make designs and crafts using sand, driftwood and beautiful stones that come from the earth and sea.

She majored in art for her first two years of college and took private ceramic classes from a Euopean potter in Capitola, California. Fascination with color, light and design she also began to create stained glass windows of ocean scenes.

Continuing her education led to a degree in science and a career as a registered nurse. While pursuing her nursing career, Julie never gave up her passion for art. She enjoys painting  using acrylics and oil as well as designing and making jewelry using only natural gems and other material from the earth and sea.

During her travels to other coastal areas Julie gets inspired by studying the many color schemes of the sea. She enjoys watching the sand as it swirls and glistens after the waves crash and flow back into the ocean leaving a design like no other has before.

Further inspiration for her painting and artisan jewelry comes from the nearby California and Arizona deserts, which offer many beautiful gemstones and scenes.



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