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Lynda Sappington
Whimsy Hill Studio
15401 Eaton Pike
West Alexandria, OH 45381-9610 USA


Website: www.thesculptedhorse.com
Equine Sculpture by Lynda Sappington
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From The Artists' Way ... I quote Stella Terrill Mann: "Desire, ask, believe, receive,"

and Albert Camus: "What doesn't kill me makes me stronger."

And from the guide to the Master Creator's way: "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" Phillipians 4:13

Give God the glory


My Self-Portrait

The background is pink because I like happy colors. The rambly line of dark pink beads "outlining" me shows how scattered I am. The eyes are blue stars because I tend to go through life with stars in my eyes, expecting the best of people and circumstances -- and my eyes are very blue. The large, open, golden mouth represents the magnificent instrument God blessed me with -- I claim no credit for it, and am grateful He allows me to carry it around and use it to praise Him. It truly is a magnificent instrument -- I had the great good fortune to understudy Beverly Sills one time, a fabulous lady with a fabulous voice.

The quote inside the mouth says "She sings delicate hymns to lost loves. . .she also burps" both of which are true! I'm a whimsical person, as shown by that quote, and many of the items in the collage, such as the cartoony dog on the eraser, just there because it's cute. The flowers on the right represent my love of flowers -- I have about 40 rosebushes, and other flowers, as well. The white horse sculpture on the upper left has a funky ear, not very well done. Next to this ear is the word "Raves," symbolizing how people rave about my work, but I see the flaws (no, this is not one of my sculptures!).

The horses near my heart represent the deep love I've had for horses all my life. The word "divine" in the same area represents God's guidance in my life, and that I appreciate His allowing me the gift of making beautiful horses, none of which will ever be as beautiful as the ones He creates. The adult hand holding the glass sphere, with the child reaching for the sphere represents my desire to pass my love of beauty and horses on to those who will come after. That's why I love the enduring warm nature and strength of bronze -- it lasts for thousands of years. And the words "I'm so lucky" on my forehead are self-explanatory -- I feel lucky and richly blessed to have the life, talents, family and friends I have, and I give God the glory for them.

Thus endeth the explanation of my highly whimsical self-portrait!

"Some people march to a different drummer; some Polka" -- Mary Lou Hall

Will Rogers and others have said (and it's true): "The outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man"

(or woman!)


Lynda Sappington's first word was "pretty" and her second was "hoss," much to the surprise of her parents. Her sculpture combines these two lifelong passions. She believes the horse is a joy to behold, a comfortable companion and a delight to the heart. These feelings show in all her work.

A self-taught artist, Sappington has polished her skills in workshops hosted by the American Academy of Equine Art, taught by Gwen Reardon, Kathleen Friedenburg, Anne Frey, Karen Kasper and Elin Pendleton. She has also taken a figurative sculpture workshop at the Scottsdale Artists School from Tuck Langland.

Sappington prefers working in oil clay (plastilene) and casts her work in bronze, cold-cast porcelain, hand-cast paper, or as sterling silver and gold jewelry. She is most satisfied with her work when it combines elegance and romance with a realistic representation of the subject's personality.

A horsewoman born in Virginia, Sappington has been riding since early childhood. She and her husband, John, have owned and bred horses for well over thirty years. Sappington shows her Quarter Horse, "Impowered for Time" ("Jack" to his friends) on local show circuits in equitation, hunt seat pleasure and western horsemanship classes. Their daughter, Jennifer Truett, is an exquisite rider and trainer, competing at international levels of dressage, and a past champion in jumping, reining, pleasure driving and other events. Lynda Sappington has been a trainer herself, and "horse-show-mothered" through 4-H, Pony Club and international events. The wide variety of horses seen at all these shows adds variety to Sappington's artwork.

Lynda Sappington's artwork is internationally collected, with collectors in England, Belgium, Australia, Canada, Germany, Holland and other places. She has also provided trophies and/or year-end awards for horse shows, breed organizations and race tracks all over the USA and in Canada.



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