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Kathleen McGee
Prescott Valley, AZ USA


Website: www.watercolor-art.com
The Watercolors of Kathleen McGee
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"My eyes were finally opened and I understood nature; I learned at the same time to love it..." ~ Claude Monet

Desert Evening Primrose

I think I was raised with the idea that I would be an artist. I began painting with oil on canvas in high school. I later switched to acrylics and then to airbrush and photography. But life soon became filled with marriage and a business career.

Then, after many years of not painting, a friend encouraged me to take a workshop and I rediscovered my "roots" in watercolor. The transparency of watercolor delights me. I love the way colors move and blend into unexpected and pleasant surprises. The capture of light and shadow is continually fascinating.

Living in Hawaii, coastal Southern California and the Southwest has inspired me. My art is focused on the flora and scenery of these areas. I am now living in the mountains of Northern Arizona with my best supporters - my husband of over 30 years and a finicky, Maine Coon cat named Peter. 

A lifelong love of beauty and of nature has translated itself into my paintings and I can see how the facets of my past have been brought together into the expression of my art today. Please accept an invitation to see my work at:

Art does not reproduce the visible; rather, it makes visible. ~~~Paul Klee


"Tahoe Afternoon"

"Bromeliad Spring"

"Santa Fe Series - II"

"Tropical Dreams"

"Arizona Sky"

"Angel's Trumpet"

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