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Vae Hamilton
201 7th St. NE
Conover, NC 28613 USA


Website: hamilton.artplaces.com
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The Painters Keys

Carlton Gallery

As most artists do, I express myself in a way that gives me the most satisfaction. I crave texture and have a passion for underlying and overlapping things. I attempt to create a feeling of three dimension on a two dimensional surface. transparent acrylic medium lets me glaze as I used to when I worked in watercolor plus develop a wide range of textures. I often use icons and many times tell a story.


Calling myself an "artist" was initially a pretty scary thing to do. Forty some years ago before the scores of paintings, recognitions, sales, workshops taught, and shows judged, there wasn't much history to substantiate the right to call myself an artist. I feel the "Artist" is an artist before the first brush meets the paper. It's the way we look at and react to the world around us that makes us an artist. It's feeling the necessity to make our marks to translate how we feel about the subject through our chosen medium.

For me it began at an early age and has never ceased to captivate and enthrall. Art is my passion and my reason for being. It has saved my life more times then I can count and when people as me if I'm "still painting" I have to answer that I am still breathing. It is that important.

My work has gone from bad to worse to pretty good to dark to decorative to surfacy and on and on. They're never enough for long. Some of the early work that I thought was decent at the time now makes me cringe. If you desire to reach a panicle of mastery to achieve happiness, you'll never find it in this business of art. There is always better, more expressive, more technically adept, more beautiful, more interesting, more meaningful work to do.

Art is a journey without a destination. We will never "get there". There is no one answer. But if you enjoy the journey, if you get lost in the process, if inspiration and beauty and meaning are what you're after, then you are an artist even before you have begun.

The pages of my website are just one attempt to capture a portion of my journey.

-- Vae Hamilton

Vae Hamilton majored in art at Western Illinois University and the University of Colorado. She is a working artist with over 30 years of experience and has trained with Katherine Chang Liu, Carol Barnes, Carrie Brown, and Fran Larsen at Springmaid Workshops. She has taught workshops for over 10 years throughout the Southeast. She has acquired many awards and prestigious exhibitions and is featured in Gerald Brommer's book Collage Techniques.

Vae's Workshop Schedule for 2009

June 17-18-19
“Brush and Beyond” Mixed Media Collage with Vae Hamilton”
Carlton Gallery, Banner Elk, NC

June 12-14
Western Illinois University Show
University Union

July 13, 14, 15
“Beyond Collage”
Appalachian State University, Boone, NC

July 30 – August 5
Yellowstone National Park

July 31, Aug 1 and Aug 7th and 8th
Stephen Swartz Show at Newton/Conover Performance
“Wicked, Godspell, Pocahontas"

August 24, 25, 26 and 27
“Brush and Beyond” Mixed Media Collage with Vae Hamilton”
Carlton Gallery, Banner Elk, NC

September 28 - October 1st
Glendale Springs, NC
Paul & Florence Thomas Memorial Art School

October 14-15-16
“Brush and Beyond” Mixed Media Collage with Vae Hamilton”
Carlton Gallery, Banner Elk, NC

Southport, Workshop and show judge
Judging July 20, workshop June 21-23.


Award Winning Exhibitions


  • Charlotte Art League: 1991, 92,
    93, 97
  • Catawba Valley Visual Art League: 1990-97
  • Caldwell Museum of Art: 1992, 95, 96, 97
  • Hickory Furniture Mart: 1991-97
  • Charlotte Public Library: 1992
  • Carlton Gallery at Creekside Galleries: 1992-98
  • Jailhouse Gallery and Old Rock School: 1994
  • Lenoir-Rhyne College, one person show: 1998


Vae's Wolves

Layer after layer
Textured papers held to her canvas
By the thin glossy film now dried
Out of the creases
From inside the colors
Walk wolves.

They creep from behind her painted buildings
And cross in front of a descanso,
They stroll on silent paws--
Alone alert they are.

Her wolves used to roam her dreams
Before she confined their eavesdropping to her work.

Her life had wolves, too.
They made her heart
Race with their dangerous beauty--
They made her bleed with their teeth.

Today I come back again
To see the wolves progress.
I am sure each day he has
Moved a little further to the right,
Sliding into the purple papers,
Trying to make his way off the canvas,
Creeping quietly as he tries to
Find his way back into her peaceful world.

-- Lissa Hamilton



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