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Question:  So how do you join if you don't have a Web Site??
Answer:  Get a Web Site!

There are a lot of good resources for websites.
Here are some of our suggestions....

  1. Have a small budget? Check out our AFAP PGP (Personal Gallery Page).

Our PGP is a one page site with up to five artwork images.
This offer is available only to AFAP members.
Initial fee of $50. Annual renewal $25.
Image changes $10 each
(Multi Page sites also available)

This is in addition to the annual AFAP Membership Fee. Your Gallery Page will be hosted by and your page will have a personal web site address: http://yourname.  (Domain names are available for an additional fee)

Click here to look at some of our styles also offers custom site design and site hosting
See below or go to for more information

  2. Have your Web Site designed and or hosted by AFAP. offers Website Hosting and Website Design.

We do the work to get your site up and running.

Quick Styles Websites
With our template designs we can have your site up and running quickly at less cost than a custom site.

Custom Website Design
We can create a custom website for you, specifically designed to showcase your art.

Website Hosting
Website hosting starts at $7.95 per month.

Go to for more information.

  3.Create your own Web Page

There are several "build-your-own" website services that provide easy-to-use tools to make your own website quickly and easily.

Build-Your-Own Website Services

Do a search at Google or other search engine using a phrase similar to "build your own artist website" or "create your own art web site". There are lots of services available. Here are a few that we found. We are not recommending them, you need to do your own research. These are just samples of the types of services that are out there. Compare the services you find to see if any is a fit for you. Read the fine print and be careful about what they say regarding ownership of your images and copyright issues. Many "free" sites charge commissions for sales of your artwork or charge a fee to upgrade to a higher level site.  - 14-day free trial - Create your own artist portfolio. - Create Galleries for your artwork. Sell your artwork. - Our sister site. Website hosting, custom website design and affordable Quickstyle sites. A Website Editor is available for Quickstyle sites and Custom sites. No HTML experience needed.

Really Build Your Own Website (from scratch)

Good Advice  Web Design & Web Site Design Guidelines

Graphics Software

PhotoShop® The professional image-editing standard.

PhotoShop Elements® for Windows
Photoshop Elements® for Mac
Scaled down version of PhotoShop. All the features you need for web graphics at an affordable price.

Paint Shop Pro®  Functionally similar to the Photoshop for the majority of users, but much less expensive. Window users only. PSP supports natively both raster and vector graphics,

Web Design Software

CoffeeCup Software- Home of the CoffeeCup HTML Editor++  Affordable! The Most Downloaded HTML Editor on the Web since 1996.

Macromedia Dreamweaver  Professional web development software

Website Hosting

Once you've created your website you will need to upload it to a computer (host server) on the internet. Website hosting is widely available. Many Internet Service Providers offer space in combination with your Internet Service and there are any number of good hosting services that are easy to use and charge a small monthly fee. There are free services, but they usually come with ads that make your site seem less than professional and are often slow to load.

However, we strongly believe in the benefits of having your site hosted in the community of other artists -- there is strength in numbers (as long as you are not lost in the shuffle). We created our sister site,, to host sites for our member artists and since 1998 our artists have received increased web traffic and higher search engine rankings as a result of being a part of Hosting starts at less than $10 per month. For more information Click here

  4. Do you have a question? Contact Us

We've covered a variety of options here from do-it-yourself to full-fledged professional web sites. Option #1 offers a very low cost site that we can make for you. If there are any questions we haven't answered contact us and we'll try to help.


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