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If you have a Website look this form over. We need information about You, about your Art and about your Website. Fill out the form below to Submit.

Please fill out the sections completely. Give a brief explanation if you cannot answer an item. No payment is required until after your application has been accepted. After we have reviewed your application, we will email you with further information and instructions.

So how do you join if you don't have a Website??
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After acceptance into ARTFaces | ARTPlaces you will be asked to complete our AFAP Application Part Two.
Please take a look at PArt Two before you fill it out so you will know what information you will need to provide.

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  • A self-portrait or photo will be required for our gallery should you be accepted for membership.
  • We also require an artwork image to display as your sample art.
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The Review Process

This is the coveted jury of peers that artists have been wishing for! The jury members will look at the whole body of art on an artist's website (or at images provided) in their decision making. Then there will be a voting process, and a decision will be made. No juror stands to win or lose anything from the selection.

If you DO NOT have a website please go to A)
If you DO have a website please go to B)

If images are not available on an Internet website then please check the method you will provide them. Please provide 3 to 5 images.
I will send my image files by e-mail to:
- or -
I will mail slides or photographs for viewing by our jurors. Mail to:
ARTFaces | ARTPlaces
PO Box 25883
Prescott Valley, AZ 86314

Now go to C)

A general review of your site will be used in evaluating your application for acceptance into AFAP.

You have entered your website address above. Do you have artwork on any other websites that we might review?

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C) Once you have been accepted into AFAP you will be required to put a link back to AFAP on your website. You may use the graphic below or use a text link. You will receive instructions once you have been accepted.
Note: if AFAP is hosting your website or Personal Gallery Page this will be done for you
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